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Designing for fun is a 35 minute presentation given by Michael Flarup in June 2014 at ValioCon in San Diego.

As a designer, Michael feels that design have become serious business and fears that in all of our trends and discussions about right and wrong we’re slowly loosing some of the fun. In this talk he puts fun on the table and tells how fun has been a guiding pillar in his career. He tells three stories about three products he’s helped create; Outside, Thermo & Thermodo. A journey that spans instant coffee, a Jay Leno opening monologue, millions of digital thermometers and an epic Kickstarter adventure. Finally he sums up how you can start to work with ‘fun’ as a concept when building products and a few tips to making sure that you work on more fun projects. It’s not form follows function after all, it’s form follows fun.

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