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We instantly recognise the design quality of an iPhone or a Mercedes, but why are so many services such poor experiences, even though many of their parts are well-designed? Usually it is because the service as a whole has not been designed at all. It just happened. All too often customers fall between the cracks of different service channels and touchpoints that have been designed by different departments and companies. If you have ever experienced air travel, you will know what this feels like.
While UX has done a great job of improving screen-based experiences, it is important to remember we are designing for people’s lives rather than their lives lived out on screens. Few people want to become a better website or app user—they just want to get something done.
This talk explains how UX practitioners can better understand how their particular piece of design fits into the broader experience. It will help you deliver engaging and coherent multichannel services in which people’s messy, complicated lives are placed at the centre of the service ecosystem.

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